About Us

Kayla Rieger, Owner

Hi! My name is Kayla and I'm the owner and dreamer behind Misc Bliss Co. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to share the story behind how Misc Bliss Co came to life!

I started Misc Bliss Co as a hobby to bring me joy after carrying and delivering 3 babies within a 3 year window of time. Yes, you heard that correctly! Our first born and third born are only 3 years and 2 months apart. After our youngest was born I quickly realized I needed an outlet for myself. I needed something that not only brought me life but offered a sense of adult socialization (even if only through social media).

As a young mom to 3 little ones, I quickly gravitated towards baby and toddler items. It has been my focus to offer good quality and safe products that ade growth, confidence and education.

Thank you for supporting us in this small business journey!

XX, Kayla